ISO 3166 - Country Codes

Code Country name Year ccTLD ISO 3166-2 Notes
AD Andorra 1974 .ad ISO 3166-2:AD
AE United Arab Emirates 1974 .ae ISO 3166-2:AE
AF Afghanistan 1974 .af ISO 3166-2:AF
AG Antigua and Barbuda 1974 .ag ISO 3166-2:AG
AI Anguilla 1983 .ai ISO 3166-2:AI AI previously represented French Afar and Issas
AL Albania 1974 .al ISO 3166-2:AL
AM Armenia 1992 .am ISO 3166-2:AM
AO Angola 1974 .ao ISO 3166-2:AO
AQ Antarctica 1974 .aq ISO 3166-2:AQ Covers the territories south of 60° south latitude
Code taken from name in Antarctique
AR Argentina 1974 .ar ISO 3166-2:AR
AS American Samoa 1974 .as ISO 3166-2:AS
AT Austria 1974 .at ISO 3166-2:AT
AU Australia 1974 .au ISO 3166-2:AU Includes the Coral Sea Islands
AW Aruba 1986 .aw ISO 3166-2:AW
AX Aland Islands 2004 .ax ISO 3166-2:AX An autonomous province of Finland
AZ Azerbaijan 1992 .az ISO 3166-2:AZ
BA Bosnia and Herzegovina 1992 .ba ISO 3166-2:BA
BB Barbados 1974 .bb ISO 3166-2:BB
BD Bangladesh 1974 .bd ISO 3166-2:BD
BE Belgium 1974 .be ISO 3166-2:BE
BF Burkina Faso 1984 .bf ISO 3166-2:BF Name changed from Upper Volta (HV)
BG Bulgaria 1974 .bg ISO 3166-2:BG
BH Bahrain 1974 .bh ISO 3166-2:BH
BI Burundi 1974 .bi ISO 3166-2:BI
BJ Benin 1977 .bj ISO 3166-2:BJ Name changed from Dahomey (DY)
BL Saint Barthélemy 2007 .bl ISO 3166-2:BL
BM Bermuda 1974 .bm ISO 3166-2:BM
BN Brunei Darussalam 1974 .bn ISO 3166-2:BN ISO country name follows UN designation (common name: Brunei)
BO Bolivia, Plurinational State of 1974 .bo ISO 3166-2:BO ISO country name follows UN designation (common name and previous ISO country name: Bolivia)
BQ Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba 2010 .bq ISO 3166-2:BQ Consists of three Caribbean "Sint Eustatius, and Saba (the BES Islands)
Previous ISO country name: Bonaire, Saint Eustatius and Saba
BQ previously represented British Antarctic Territory
BR Brazil 1974 .br ISO 3166-2:BR
BS Bahamas 1974 .bs ISO 3166-2:BS
BT Bhutan 1974 .bt ISO 3166-2:BT
BV Bouvet Island 1974 .bv ISO 3166-2:BV Belongs to Norway
BW Botswana 1974 .bw ISO 3166-2:BW
BY Belarus 1974 .by ISO 3166-2:BY Code taken from previous ISO country name: BYAA)
Code assigned as the country was already a UN member since 1945
BZ Belize 1974 .bz ISO 3166-2:BZ
CA Canada 1974 .ca ISO 3166-2:CA
CC Cocos (Keeling) Islands 1974 .cc ISO 3166-2:CC
CD Congo, the Democratic Republic of the 1997 .cd ISO 3166-2:CD Name changed from Zaire (ZR)
CF Central African Republic 1974 .cf ISO 3166-2:CF
CG Congo 1974 .cg ISO 3166-2:CG
CH Switzerland 1974 .ch ISO 3166-2:CH Code taken from name in Confoederatio Helvetica
CI Cote d'Ivoire 1974 .ci ISO 3166-2:CI
CK Cook Islands 1974 .ck ISO 3166-2:CK
CL Chile 1974 .cl ISO 3166-2:CL
CM Cameroon 1974 .cm ISO 3166-2:CM
CN China 1974 .cn ISO 3166-2:CN
CO Colombia 1974 .co ISO 3166-2:CO
CR Costa Rica 1974 .cr ISO 3166-2:CR
CU Cuba 1974 .cu ISO 3166-2:CU
CV Cape Verde 1974 .cv ISO 3166-2:CV
CW Curaçao 2010 .cw ISO 3166-2:CW
CX Christmas Island 1974 .cx ISO 3166-2:CX
CY Cyprus 1974 .cy ISO 3166-2:CY
CZ Czech Republic 1993 .cz ISO 3166-2:CZ
DE Germany 1974 .de ISO 3166-2:DE Code taken from name in Deutschland
Code used for West Germany before 1990 (previous ISO country name: Germany, Federal Republic of)
DJ Djibouti 1977 .dj ISO 3166-2:DJ Name changed from French Afar and Issas (AI)
DK Denmark 1974 .dk ISO 3166-2:DK
DM Dominica 1974 .dm ISO 3166-2:DM
DO Dominican Republic 1974 .do ISO 3166-2:DO
DZ Algeria 1974 .dz ISO 3166-2:DZ Code taken from name in Dzayer
EC Ecuador 1974 .ec ISO 3166-2:EC
EE Estonia 1992 .ee ISO 3166-2:EE Code taken from name in Eesti
EG Egypt 1974 .eg ISO 3166-2:EG
EH Western Sahara 1974 .eh ISO 3166-2:EH Previous ISO country name: Sahara español)
ER Eritrea 1993 .er ISO 3166-2:ER
ES Spain 1974 .es ISO 3166-2:ES Code taken from name in España
ET Ethiopia 1974 .et ISO 3166-2:ET
FI Finland 1974 .fi ISO 3166-2:FI
FJ Fiji 1974 .fj ISO 3166-2:FJ
FK Falkland Islands (Malvinas) 1974 .fk ISO 3166-2:FK
FM Micronesia, Federated States of 1986 .fm ISO 3166-2:FM Previous ISO country name: Micronesia
FO Faroe Islands 1974 .fo ISO 3166-2:FO
FR France 1974 .fr ISO 3166-2:FR Includes Clipperton Island
GA Gabon 1974 .ga ISO 3166-2:GA
GB United Kingdom 1974 .gb
ISO 3166-2:GB
GD Grenada 1974 .gd ISO 3166-2:GD
GE Georgia 1992 .ge ISO 3166-2:GE GE previously represented Gilbert and Ellice Islands
GF French Guiana 1974 .gf ISO 3166-2:GF Code taken from name in Guyane française
GG Guernsey 2006 .gg ISO 3166-2:GG a Crown dependency
GH Ghana 1974 .gh ISO 3166-2:GH
GI Gibraltar 1974 .gi ISO 3166-2:GI
GL Greenland 1974 .gl ISO 3166-2:GL
GM Gambia 1974 .gm ISO 3166-2:GM
GN Guinea 1974 .gn ISO 3166-2:GN
GP Guadeloupe 1974 .gp ISO 3166-2:GP
GQ Equatorial Guinea 1974 .gq ISO 3166-2:GQ Code taken from name in Guinée équatoriale
GR Greece 1974 .gr ISO 3166-2:GR
GS South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands 1993 .gs ISO 3166-2:GS
GT Guatemala 1974 .gt ISO 3166-2:GT
GU Guam 1974 .gu ISO 3166-2:GU
GW Guinea-Bissau 1974 .gw ISO 3166-2:GW
GY Guyana 1974 .gy ISO 3166-2:GY
HK Hong Kong 1974 .hk ISO 3166-2:HK
HM Heard Island and McDonald Islands 1974 .hm ISO 3166-2:HM
HN Honduras 1974 .hn ISO 3166-2:HN
HR Croatia 1992 .hr ISO 3166-2:HR Code taken from name in Hrvatska
HT Haiti 1974 .ht ISO 3166-2:HT
HU Hungary 1974 .hu ISO 3166-2:HU
ID Indonesia 1974 .id ISO 3166-2:ID
IE Ireland 1974 .ie ISO 3166-2:IE
IL Israel 1974 .il ISO 3166-2:IL
IM Isle of Man 2006 .im ISO 3166-2:IM a Crown dependency
IN India 1974 .in ISO 3166-2:IN
IO British Indian Ocean Territory 1974 .io ISO 3166-2:IO
IQ Iraq 1974 .iq ISO 3166-2:IQ
IR Iran, Islamic Republic of 1974 .ir ISO 3166-2:IR ISO country name follows UN designation (common name: Iran)
IS Iceland 1974 .is ISO 3166-2:IS Code taken from name in Ísland
IT Italy 1974 .it ISO 3166-2:IT
JE Jersey 2006 .je ISO 3166-2:JE a Crown dependency
JM Jamaica 1974 .jm ISO 3166-2:JM
JO Jordan 1974 .jo ISO 3166-2:JO
JP Japan 1974 .jp ISO 3166-2:JP
KE Kenya 1974 .ke ISO 3166-2:KE
KG Kyrgyzstan 1992 .kg ISO 3166-2:KG
KH Cambodia 1974 .kh ISO 3166-2:KH Code taken from former name: Khmer Republic
Previous ISO country name: Kampuchea
KI Kiribati 1979 .ki ISO 3166-2:KI
KM Comoros 1974 .km ISO 3166-2:KM Code taken from name in Komori
KN Saint Kitts and Nevis 1974 .kn ISO 3166-2:KN Previous ISO country name: Saint Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla
KP Korea, Democratic People's Republic of 1974 .kp ISO 3166-2:KP ISO country name follows UN designation (common name: North Korea)
KR Korea, Republic of 1974 .kr ISO 3166-2:KR ISO country name follows UN designation (common name: South Korea)
KW Kuwait 1974 .kw ISO 3166-2:KW
KY Cayman Islands 1974 .ky ISO 3166-2:KY
KZ Kazakhstan 1992 .kz ISO 3166-2:KZ Previous ISO country name: Kazakstan
LA Lao People's Democratic Republic 1974 .la ISO 3166-2:LA ISO country name follows UN designation (common name: Laos)
LB Lebanon 1974 .lb ISO 3166-2:LB
LC Saint Lucia 1974 .lc ISO 3166-2:LC
LI Liechtenstein 1974 .li ISO 3166-2:LI
LK Sri Lanka 1974 .lk ISO 3166-2:LK
LR Liberia 1974 .lr ISO 3166-2:LR
LS Lesotho 1974 .ls ISO 3166-2:LS
LT Lithuania 1992 .lt ISO 3166-2:LT
LU Luxembourg 1974 .lu ISO 3166-2:LU
LV Latvia 1992 .lv ISO 3166-2:LV
LY Libya 1974 .ly ISO 3166-2:LY Previous ISO country name: Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
MA Morocco 1974 .ma ISO 3166-2:MA Code taken from name in Maroc
MC Monaco 1974 .mc ISO 3166-2:MC
MD Moldova, Republic of 1992 .md ISO 3166-2:MD ISO country name follows UN designation (common name and previous ISO country name: Moldova)
ME Montenegro 2006 .me ISO 3166-2:ME
MF Saint Martin (French part) 2007 .mf ISO 3166-2:MF The SX
MG Madagascar 1974 .mg ISO 3166-2:MG
MH Marshall Islands 1986 .mh ISO 3166-2:MH
MK Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of 1993 .mk ISO 3166-2:MK ISO country name follows UN designation (due to Macedonia naming dispute; official name used by country itself: Republic of Macedonia)
Code taken from name in Makedonija
ML Mali 1974 .ml ISO 3166-2:ML
MM Myanmar 1989 .mm ISO 3166-2:MM Name changed from Burma (BU)
MN Mongolia 1974 .mn ISO 3166-2:MN
MO Macao 1974 .mo ISO 3166-2:MO Previous ISO country name: Macau
MP Northern Mariana Islands 1986 .mp ISO 3166-2:MP
MQ Martinique 1974 .mq ISO 3166-2:MQ
MR Mauritania 1974 .mr ISO 3166-2:MR
MS Montserrat 1974 .ms ISO 3166-2:MS
MT Malta 1974 .mt ISO 3166-2:MT
MU Mauritius 1974 .mu ISO 3166-2:MU
MV Maldives 1974 .mv ISO 3166-2:MV
MW Malawi 1974 .mw ISO 3166-2:MW
MX Mexico 1974 .mx ISO 3166-2:MX
MY Malaysia 1974 .my ISO 3166-2:MY
MZ Mozambique 1974 .mz ISO 3166-2:MZ
NA Namibia 1974 .na ISO 3166-2:NA
NC New Caledonia 1974 .nc ISO 3166-2:NC
NE Niger 1974 .ne ISO 3166-2:NE
NF Norfolk Island 1974 .nf ISO 3166-2:NF
NG Nigeria 1974 .ng ISO 3166-2:NG
NI Nicaragua 1974 .ni ISO 3166-2:NI
NL Netherlands 1974 .nl ISO 3166-2:NL
NO Norway 1974 .no ISO 3166-2:NO
NP Nepal 1974 .np ISO 3166-2:NP
NR Nauru 1974 .nr ISO 3166-2:NR
NU Niue 1974 .nu ISO 3166-2:NU
NZ New Zealand 1974 .nz ISO 3166-2:NZ
OM Oman 1974 .om ISO 3166-2:OM
PA Panama 1974 .pa ISO 3166-2:PA
PE Peru 1974 .pe ISO 3166-2:PE
PF French Polynesia 1974 .pf ISO 3166-2:PF Code taken from name in Polynésie française
PG Papua New Guinea 1974 .pg ISO 3166-2:PG
PH Philippines 1974 .ph ISO 3166-2:PH
PK Pakistan 1974 .pk ISO 3166-2:PK
PL Poland 1974 .pl ISO 3166-2:PL
PM Saint Pierre and Miquelon 1974 .pm ISO 3166-2:PM
PN Pitcairn 1974 .pn ISO 3166-2:PN
PR Puerto Rico 1974 .pr ISO 3166-2:PR
PS Palestine, State of 1999 .ps ISO 3166-2:PS Previous ISO country name: Palestinian Territory, Occupied
Consists of the Gaza Strip
PT Portugal 1974 .pt ISO 3166-2:PT
PW Palau 1986 .pw ISO 3166-2:PW
PY Paraguay 1974 .py ISO 3166-2:PY
QA Qatar 1974 .qa ISO 3166-2:QA
RE Réunion 1974 .re ISO 3166-2:RE
RO Romania 1974 .ro ISO 3166-2:RO
RS Serbia 2006 .rs ISO 3166-2:RS Code taken from official name: Republic of Serbia (see Serbian country codes)
RU Russian Federation 1992 .ru ISO 3166-2:RU ISO country name follows UN designation (common name: Russia)
RW Rwanda 1974 .rw ISO 3166-2:RW
SA Saudi Arabia 1974 .sa ISO 3166-2:SA
SB Solomon Islands 1974 .sb ISO 3166-2:SB Code taken from former name: British Solomon Islands
SC Seychelles 1974 .sc ISO 3166-2:SC
SD Sudan 1974 .sd ISO 3166-2:SD
SE Sweden 1974 .se ISO 3166-2:SE
SG Singapore 1974 .sg ISO 3166-2:SG
SH Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha 1974 .sh ISO 3166-2:SH Previous ISO country name: Saint Helena
SI Slovenia 1992 .si ISO 3166-2:SI
SJ Svalbard and Jan Mayen 1974 .sj ISO 3166-2:SJ Consists of two arctic territories of Norway: Svalbard and Jan Mayen
SK Slovakia 1993 .sk ISO 3166-2:SK SK previously represented Sikkim
SL Sierra Leone 1974 .sl ISO 3166-2:SL
SM San Marino 1974 .sm ISO 3166-2:SM
SN Senegal 1974 .sn ISO 3166-2:SN
SO Somalia 1974 .so ISO 3166-2:SO
SR Suriname 1974 .sr ISO 3166-2:SR
SS South Sudan 2011 .ss ISO 3166-2:SS
ST Sao Tome and Principe 1974 .st ISO 3166-2:ST
SV El Salvador 1974 .sv ISO 3166-2:SV
SX Sint Maarten (Dutch part) 2010 .sx ISO 3166-2:SX The MF
SY Syrian Arab Republic 1974 .sy ISO 3166-2:SY ISO country name follows UN designation (common name: Syria)
SZ Swaziland 1974 .sz ISO 3166-2:SZ
TC Turks and Caicos Islands 1974 .tc ISO 3166-2:TC
TD Chad 1974 .td ISO 3166-2:TD Code taken from name in Tchad
TF French Southern Territories 1979 .tf ISO 3166-2:TF Covers the French Southern and Antarctic Lands except Adélie Land
Code taken from name in Terres australes françaises
TG Togo 1974 .tg ISO 3166-2:TG
TH Thailand 1974 .th ISO 3166-2:TH
TJ Tajikistan 1992 .tj ISO 3166-2:TJ
TK Tokelau 1974 .tk ISO 3166-2:TK
TL Timor-Leste 2002 .tl ISO 3166-2:TL Name changed from East Timor (TP)
TM Turkmenistan 1992 .tm ISO 3166-2:TM
TN Tunisia 1974 .tn ISO 3166-2:TN
TO Tonga 1974 .to ISO 3166-2:TO
TR Turkey 1974 .tr ISO 3166-2:TR
TT Trinidad and Tobago 1974 .tt ISO 3166-2:TT
TV Tuvalu 1979 .tv ISO 3166-2:TV
TW Taiwan, Province of China 1974 .tw ISO 3166-2:TW Covers the current jurisdiction of the Lienchiang
ISO country name follows UN designation (due to [18]
TZ Tanzania, United Republic of 1974 .tz ISO 3166-2:TZ ISO country name follows UN designation (common name: Tanzania)
UA Ukraine 1974 .ua ISO 3166-2:UA Previous ISO country name: Ukrainian SSR
UG Uganda 1974 .ug ISO 3166-2:UG
UM United States Minor Outlying Islands 1986 .um ISO 3166-2:UM Consists of nine minor insular areas of the United States: Wake Island
US United States 1974 .us ISO 3166-2:US
UY Uruguay 1974 .uy ISO 3166-2:UY
UZ Uzbekistan 1992 .uz ISO 3166-2:UZ
VA Holy See (Vatican City State) 1974 .va ISO 3166-2:VA Covers Vatican City, territory of the Holy See
Previous ISO country name: Vatican City State (Holy See)
VC Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 1974 .vc ISO 3166-2:VC
VE Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of 1974 .ve ISO 3166-2:VE ISO country name follows UN designation (common name and previous ISO country name: Venezuela)
VG Virgin Islands, British 1974 .vg ISO 3166-2:VG
VI Virgin Islands, U.S. 1974 .vi ISO 3166-2:VI
VN Viet Nam 1974 .vn ISO 3166-2:VN ISO country name follows UN designation (common name: Vietnam)
VU Vanuatu 1980 .vu ISO 3166-2:VU Name changed from New Hebrides (NH)
WF Wallis and Futuna 1974 .wf ISO 3166-2:WF
WS Samoa 1974 .ws ISO 3166-2:WS Code taken from former name: Western Samoa
YE Yemen 1974 .ye ISO 3166-2:YE Previous ISO country name: Yemen, Republic of
Code used for North Yemen before 1990
YT Mayotte 1993 .yt ISO 3166-2:YT
ZA South Africa 1974 .za ISO 3166-2:ZA Code taken from name in Zuid-Afrika
ZM Zambia 1974 .zm ISO 3166-2:ZM
ZW Zimbabwe 1980 .zw ISO 3166-2:ZW Name changed from Southern Rhodesia (RH)